Grow You
Become the mom you want to be.
Grow You is a mindfulness community empowering women to solve the challenges of motherhood from the inside out.
Join thousands of women who have found fulfillment in their lives.
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • "My mind is somewhere else when I'm with my kids and I wish I was fully engaged."

  • "I have to sacrifice so much all the time."

  • "I don't know how to stop yelling at my kids."

  • "I have so much mom guilt when it comes to being away from my kids."

  • "I constantly worry about my kids."

  • "This is a really busy season of life."

  • "I wish I was more connected to my spouse."

  • "I'm constantly putting out mini-fires that make me anxious and overwhelmed."

  • "There's one relationship that is causing me so much irritation and frustration right now."

  • "On the outside everything looks fine, but on the inside, it seems like something is missing."
Welcome to Grow You—my proven program to help you become a more mindful mom from the inside out.
1. Stop yelling at your kids using a science-based approach.
2. Be more present and fully engaged with your kids (without making major changes to your work or life).
3. Stop comparing yourself to other moms, and thinking you're not good enough.
4. Permanently reduce mom guilt, busyness, anxiety, and worry (yes, this is possible).
5. Reconnect with your spouse without ever needing to plan an extra date night.
6. Finally feel like a good enough woman, wife, and mom from the inside out.
Your community of calmer, happier, more fulfilled women.
Grow You has helped countless women stop feeling overwhelmed and stuck by providing the tools to become more mindful so that they can show up as the woman, wife, and mom they want to be.
"Grow You has helped me feel calmer when it comes to my schedule and time. I’d gotten into the habit of always being in a hurry. Through the tools Natalie teaches, I’ve learned to slow down and mindfully move through my days. This has been such a gift, allowing me to more fully enjoy my time with my daughter."
— Kaili
"Before Grow You, my mind was quite scattered, and I was easily overwhelmed. My mindset wasn't really something that I ever worked on or spent time on. Now, I have learned so much about how to improve my mindset, lower my anxiety, and be more present. Grow You is an amazing membership full of valuable tools and lessons, and I am so grateful to be a part of it."
— Michelle
"As a mother of three, I have found the tools and resources in Grow You to be extremely helpful in how I approach life and motherhood. One of my favorite features of Grow You is that the content and curriculum can be completed live or at your own pace. I am showing up for myself and my family with intention and peace thanks to Grow You!"
— Jaclyn
What's Included In Your Membership
1. Monthly Mindfulness Workshops
Every month there's a new mindfulness workshop on topics like: mindset reset, how to feel better, reinvent your self identity, stop feeling overwhelmed, drop the mom guilt, get more done in less time, confidence on purpose, and dream bigger.
2. On Demand Tools + Resources
There's a Vault that includes a variety of on-demand workshops, downloads, and resources to help you solve any challenge you're having at home. Topics include: Mindful Journaling, Marriage Toolkit, Unbusy Your Life, Inner Work Tools, Processing Feelings, and more.
3. Live Group Coaching + Replays
Every week there are 1-2 coaching calls on different topics to help you become a more mindful mom. You can attend live, watch the replay (in your portal), or listen on the Private Podcast. There's also a 24/7 written coaching forum where you can ask a coach anything.
4. A Supportive, Caring Community
The women in our community are incredibly supportive of each other. There's an immediate connection on coaching calls that most women are so surprised to find. As one member said, "it wasn't until I saw the other women get coached that I realized this is something everyone needs."
Get Started Today
  • Mindfulness Topic Of The Month

  • Monthly class, workbook, + coaching call

  • Weekly group coaching + replays

  • Mindful Messages every couple of days

  • 24/7 Written coaching

  • 1:1 Access to Natalie

  • On-demand courses, resources, tools, + downloads

  • Private Podcast
$79 / month
Here's What Others Have To Say
"I’m so glad I found myself here. Since joining I have really been able to do the high-level work on my mindset that helps me be at peace with my parenting, work-life, balance, and relationships in general. I no longer constantly feel rushed and busy all the time because I’m continually practicing thought-work that allows me to live in abundance vs. scarcity. Thank you, Natalie, for this program and for helping to bring more calm to my life."
— Amy

"Since joining Grow You I've lost almost 50 pounds, and, more importantly, I have learned how to love myself and my body. Grow You taught me how to change my negative thoughts about my body. I now know how to feel my emotions and sit with them, and no longer avoid them by turning to food. The clean, raw knowing that I can be whatever I want to be, and accomplish anything I want. I am growing because Grow You taught me how to do this from a place of love for who and what I am right now."
— Stacy

"Before Grow You I thought it was just my brain that had these thoughts as a mom. From watching the coaching replays inside Grow You, I now see it’s not just me. This has been such an empowering shift for me. Grow You has helped me focus on myself, instead of getting "lost" in motherhood, which as in turn made me a better and more confident Mom. I am so grateful to have found Grow You."
— Ali
A Look Inside Grow You
Every month, we cover a new topic that includes a Class, Workbook, and Coaching Call. Here's a look.
Mindfulness Topics:
  • Managing Your Mind, Allowing Emotions, Becoming More Mindful

  • Becoming Your Future Self, Identity On Purpose

  • Frustration, Overwhelm, Irritation, Anxiety, Scarcity, Mom-Guilt

  • Marriage, Motherhood, In-Law Dynamics, Relationships

  • Happiness, Self Confidence, Enjoying Your Life

  • Decision-Making, Time Management, Productivity

  • Body Image, Self Love, Self Compassion, Self Care

  • Your Past, Limiting Beliefs, Work-Life Balance, Goals, Fulfillment
  • You get Mindfulness Messages from me (Natalie) to help you apply this work in bite-sized chunks, on the go. 

  • Every week there's a group coaching call where you can get 1:1 help directly from me (Natalie).

  • All coaching calls are uploaded to the Private Podcast so you can listen on the go.

  • You get access to all coaching call replays in your Private Portal and can watch anytime.
  • There's a 24/7 anonymous written Coaching Forum where you can submit questions on anything.
We Love Our Members And Testimonials
"I FINALLY dropped the mom guilt I was carrying around for so long. With Grow You, I've been able to shift into owning who I am as a mom and loving it."
— Stephanie
"Before Grow You, I had contempt towards my husband, but focusing on managing my mind has been mind blowing! Grow You has helped me prevent and deescalate many arguments."
— Amber
"Grow You has helped me with my need for approval from others. I'm making better decisions and owning them, instead of looking to everyone else for approval."
— Suzi
"I was so nervous and anxious at the beginning of the pandemic. With Grow You, I was able to increase my confidence in my ability to find and fill the needs for my family."
— Kari
"After finding Grow You, my mindset has shifted. I no longer see my life from scarcity (focusing on what I'm lacking), and now I practice living from abundance. This has brought me so much peace."
— Txell
"Since joining Grow You, I have really reduced my anxiety and a lot of the 'drama' in my head in so many areas of my life."
— Jaclyn
"I had no idea how much I really needed the skills and content from Grow You. I truly feel like Grow You has allowed me to unlock a whole new level of potential in myself."
— Coral
On Demand Workshops And Tools
Inside Grow You, you'll find a variety of on demand courses, workshops, tools, and downloads.
I created Grow You because I wanted a space for modern moms to work on themselves and grow.

In school and in Corporate America there are so many ways to develop yourself. Why can't the same be true for moms?

That's what Grow You is all about.

I'm an Advanced Certified Mindfulness Life Coach. I've coached thousands of women find fulfillment in their already amazing lives, as well as using these practices in my own life as a woman, wife, and mom.

Motherhood feels hard because it is hard.

You know what makes it better?

Having the right tools and knowing you're not alone.

You can become a calm mom, who isn't overwhelmed, and who finds her daily life fulfilling. This is possible for you.
Common Questions
1. What is Grow You?
Grow You is a mindfulness community empowering women to solve challenges from the inside out.

You'll learn how to 1) be more present and fully engaged when you're with your kids, 2) stop comparing yourself to other moms, 3) reduce mom guilt, self sacrifice, perfectionism, people pleasing, busyness, anxiety, and worry., and 4) finally feel like a good enough woman, wife, and mom.

The main features inside Grow You include: 1) a mindfulness Topic Of The Month, 2) weekly group Coaching Calls and replays, 3) a 24/7 written Coaching Forum, 4) a member's only Private Podcast, and 5) the Bonus Vault with on demand tools, workshops, and downloads.

Here's how the content works:

Immediately upon joining you get access to the current Topic Of The Month, which includes the Class, Workbook, and Coaching Call. Every month thereafter, you get access to future topics. This makes it so the program grows with you.

You get access to all the coaching inside Grow You upon joining. This means you can join the upcoming Coaching Calls as well as use the 24/7 written Coaching Forum as much as you want.

You to listen easily on the go with the Private Podcastwhich has bite-sized Mindfulness Messages from me (Natalie) as well as call replays.

You also get immediate access to the Bonus Vault, which includes a variety of on demand tools. Examples of what's included in the Bonus Vault: Mindful Journaling Course, Marriage And Relationship Toolkit, Processing Feelings Course, 30+ Inner Work Tools, 365+ Journal Prompts, and more.

2. Who is Grow You for? 
Grow You is for any woman whose life seems amazing on the outside but doesn't feel that way on the inside

It's for women who want to solve their challenges using mindset work, where they have total control of the results they're creating in their lives.

While many members are moms, you do not have to be a mom to join. All women are welcome.
3. Will I get 1:1 access to Natalie Bacon?
Yes. I (Natalie) will answer 100% of your questions.

We have group coaching calls every week where you can raise your hand to get coached directly by me.

You can also write into our Coaching Forum inside the membership site, where I answer all your questions within two business days.

If you want to schedule private coaching with me, you can also do that for an additional fee (all the information is inside the site).
4. How much time does Grow You take?
Just like the gym, you can go as much or as little as you want.

In Grow You, you'll see results if you dedicate as little as one hour every month to Grow You just by watching the Monthly Workshop Class.

If you want to participate more, you can do that, too, (and spend as much time inside Grow You as your schedule allows!).
5. What is the cost?
Here's a look at the value of Grow You for one year:

Foundational Inner Work Course (value: $997)

A New Monthly Workshop Class + Workbook (value: $1,997)

Weekly Coaching Calls + Replays (value: $4,500)

Mindful Messages every couple days (value: $1,164)

24/7 Written Support Forum (value: $2,000)

Members Only Private Podcast (value: $497)

7+ Bonus On Demand Mindfulness Courses (value: $3,479)

Weekly Video Lesson Every Sunday (value: $2,548)

TOTAL value for one year = $17,182 ($1,431.83/month)

For you, it's $79/month. 

6. Can I cancel?
Yes. You can cancel any time with the click of a button inside your Portal. And once you do, you're never charged again.

We don't offer refunds because there's nothing to return as a digital product.

7. I have another question. How can I ask it?
You can reach out to us at

We have amazing customer service and someone from the Natalie Bacon Coaching Team will reply within 24 business hours with your answer.
Get Started Today
  • Mindfulness Topic Of The Month

  • Monthly class, workbook, + coaching call

  • Weekly group coaching + replays

  • Mindful Messages every couple of days

  • 24/7 Written coaching

  • 1:1 Access to Natalie

  • On-demand courses, resources, tools, + downloads

  • Private Podcast
$79 / month
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