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Here's what I know for sure...
You can have a life full of calm, joy, connection, and fulfillment regardless of your circumstances.
If you're feeling triggered lately it's not your fault. This happens when your brain perceives a threat in your environment.

This is why you overreact, yell, and feel so spread so thin.

It's why you get frustrated when someone cuts you off in traffic, or when your kids don't follow the rules.

It's not you. And in fact, on default, this is how most moms feel.

This is how you'll experience life on default because of your brain's survival mode.

Your brain is constantly scanning for danger, and while your life isn't threatened by your husband not coming home on time, your brain doesn't know that. This is why you get triggered.

The more you live this way, the worse it gets because it compounds over time. Eventually, your default emotions will be feelings like anxiety, stress, overwhelm, guilt, and resentment. Your automatic way of living becomes scarcity.

The good news: you can get out of the fight-flight-freeze-fawn survival mode (of putting out mini fires every day) by becoming more mindful.
Become A Mindful Mom
Mindfulness helps you get out of scarcity survival mode and into a default state of calm. From this place of inner calm, you can create more joy, connection, and fulfillment. Calm, joy, connection, and fulfillment are at the core of becoming a more mindful mom. Here's how:
Calm: your natural, optimal state when you're not in survival mode, and where all your best decisions are made.
Joy: the lightness, fun, and play you bring to life as a result of the sacred relationship you have with yourself that's based on self love, self trust, self confidence, and self respect.
Connection: your relationships with others, particularly those closest to you, like your spouse and kids.
Fulfillment: your inner spark that guides you towards your desires, goals, and growth, which enhances your already amazing life.
Your life is already pretty amazing. And yet, it doesn't feel that way on the inside.

That's where I come in.

Welcome To Grow You
Grow You is my mindfulness community for moms.

It's a space for you to manage your anxiety, drop the mom guilt, and get out of scarcity, default thinking, so you regularly feel more calm.

In Grow You, you learn the cause of any problem you have, such as overreacting, mom guilt, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed.

You'll also learn how to deepen the relationship you have with yourself, how to navigate challenging relationships, and how to create a more meaningful life.

You'll stop living on default at the effect of your life (in survival mode).

You'll start experiencing more inner joy, your relationships will improve, and you'll feel more fulfilled.
How It Works
Here's a look at how the Grow You membership works.
Topic Of The Month: Class
There's a brand new Workshop Class every month inside Grow You.

The topics cover a wide range of mindfulness topics for moms, designed to help you live a more fulfilling life (see list below).

Bonus: no class is ever repeated!
Topic Of The Month: Workbook
Supplemental to the Workshop Class is a Monthly Workbook with Worksheets, journal prompts, and questions.

You can download the Workbooks and use them forever. They'll help you apply what you learned to your real life.
Topic Of The Month: Coaching Call
Every month includes a coaching call with Natalie on the Topic Of The Month.

You can attend live and get help from Natalie on the Monthly Topic, or you can listen to the replay on your own time.
Weekly Coaching Calls
Every week there's at least one coaching call on a mindfulness topic.

The beginning of the call is a mini-lesson on the topic of that call (such as mindful living), followed by open coaching (video and Q+A format).

You can join the call and get coached or simply listen in.
Replays + Private Podcast
All coaching calls are uploaded to your Private Portal inside Grow You.

You can access the calls in audio and video format at any time so you can listen on the go.

There's also a Private Podcast exclusively available to Grow You members in your favorite podcast app.
24/7 Anonymous Written Q+A Forum
There's a written coaching forum that you can write into any time. The submissions are anonymous, so when the answer is published on the site, all members can benefit from the coaching.

Even better—there's a search engine where you can find  previously answered questions and read through prior coaching.
Bonus Vault With On Demand Courses
The Bonus Vault includes on demand courses, journal prompts, and mini lessons that you can access any time.

Some of the courses in the bonus vault include: Processing Feelings, How To Coach Yourself, Natalie's Inner Work Tools, Guided Journal Prompts, Change Your Eating Habits Forever, Marriage + Relationship Toolkit, and more.
VIP + Platinum Status
We have milestones inside Grow You.

You reach VIP Status after six months in Grow You, and Platinum Status after one year.

VIPs get one additional monthly coaching call with Natalie as well as two bonus courses (Unbusy Your Life and Teaching Kids About Thoughts And Feelings).

Platinum members get an additional call with Natalie and a gift box mailed right to their home.
Try It For One Month + Cancel Any Time
The best part about Grow You is that you can try it for one month for just $79.

If it's not a good fit, you can cancel with the click of a button inside your Portal and you're never charged again.

Most of our members stay for years, but if it's not for you, it's very easy to cancel.
Here's How Grow You Can Help
  • You'll learn the real cause of negative emotions.
  • You'll see how your default brain has been programmed to work against you, as a modern woman and mom.
  • You'll learn how to use your breath to connect your mind to your body, so that you can regulate yourself, regardless of what's happening in your life.
  • You'll discover a new way of being that will help you live into this new mindset.
  • You'll take better care of yourself, from the inside out, because the lens through which you see the world will forever be changed.
  • You'll feel more centered, balanced, and calm, regardless of what's happening in your circumstances. 
  • You'll have a newfound joy that's based on self love, self trust, self confidence, and self respect.
  • You'll have a better relationship with your body, as you feel more connected than ever before.
  • Your relationship with yourself will be stronger than ever, which means decisions will get easier to make.
  • Joy, lightness, and play will be a regular part of your day-to-day life.
  • You'll learn how to navigate challenging relationships, including when to set boundaries.
  • You'll feel better around the most difficult people in your life, whether that's your in-laws, parents, kids, or neighbors.
  • You'll strengthen the relationships you have with your kids and spouse.
  • You'll be better equipped to cultivate new meaningful relationships.
  • You won't feel so lost as a mom, and you'll have clarity about who you are.
  • You won't identify as "just a mom" as you'll think through who you are as a human, woman, wife, and more.
  • Goals will become possible, as creating space for them will no longer be a challenge.
  • When life throws you unexpected challenges, you'll know exactly how to navigate them.
  • You'll have ideas, motivation, and space for creating your future self.
  • Most of all, you'll have a space that's just for you to come and feel seen and heard.
What Grow You Members Have To Say
"I FINALLY dropped the mom guilt I was carrying around for so long. With Grow You, I've been able to shift into owning who I am as a mom and loving it." — Stephanie
"Before Grow You, I had contempt towards my husband, but focusing on managing my mind has been mind blowing! Grow You has helped me prevent and deescalate many arguments." — Amber
"Grow You has helped me with my need for approval from others. I'm making better decisions and owning them, instead of looking to everyone else for approval." — Suzi
"As I come up on my two year anniversary in Grow You I am so grateful for this program. Recently, I was put on a medication to help increase fertility. A possible side effect is mood shifts. After my first round of this medication the mood shifts definitely came and went. I recognized them, took a breath and if I needed to, I would quietly walk away from a situation that I felt heightened emotion about and worked through the model in my head. Besides a few outburst of tears, I sailed unscathed through these mood shifts because of Grow You. My husband saw the sincere effort and gave me such positive support, and it helped us grow even closer during a time that could have been difficult or straining. I was far from perfect but there was no yelling, no judgment, just unconditional love from my husband and from myself, for myself.  Without your dedication to your work I truly believe I would not have gotten through this month without "drama"; not just with my husband but with all of my circle of people. I am so grateful for you and Grow You." — Gina
"Since joining Grow You I've lost almost 50 pounds, and, more importantly, I've learned how to love myself and my body right now." — Stacy
"I was so nervous and anxious at the beginning of the pandemic. With Grow You, I was able to increase my confidence in my ability to find and fill the needs for my family." — Kari
"After finding Grow You, my mindset has shifted. I no longer see my life from scarcity (focusing on what I'm lacking), and now I practice living from abundance. This has brought me so much peace." — Txell
"I had no idea how much I really needed the skills and content from Grow You. I truly feel like Grow You has allowed me to unlock a whole new level of potential in myself." — Coral
"Since joining Grow You, I have really reduced my anxiety and a lot of the 'drama' in my head in so many areas of my life." — Jaclyn
"I cannot tell you how much my life is changing since I made the commitment to myself through Grow You over one year ago. I do not have a debt story or a weight loss story, I feel like I have something that cannot be measured on a scale or financial statement…I have a lighter feeling in my heart and head and practically throughout my whole body!! All because of the work I have done using your program and tools. I did not realize how much clearer my mind gets when I write in your workbooks. I am not sure where, when, or how I fell into a negative space in my life, and now doing this work has opened up so much space for love of myself, my family and others. Invaluable." — Dana
What You Get
  • Foundational Inner Work Course
    (Value: $997)

  • A New Workshop Class + Workbook Every Month (on the Topic Of The Month)
    (Value: $1,997)

  • Weekly Coaching Calls + Replays
    (Value: $4,500)

  • 24/7 Written Support Forum
    (Value: $2,000)

  • Members Only Private Podcast
    (Value: $497)

  • 7+ Bonus On Demand Mindfulness Courses
    (Value: $3,479)

  • Weekly Video Lesson Every Sunday
    (Value: $2,548)

Mindfulness Topics
A new Workshop Class and Workbook are released every month. As you grow, the program grows with you. Bonus: no topic is ever repeated! The Topic Of The Month covers topics such as:
  1. How To Do The Inner Work
  2. Mindset And Thought Work
  3. Emotional Wellbeing
  4. How To Feel Better
  5. Become More Mindful
  6. Self Compassion And Self Love
  7. How To Enjoy Your Life
  8. Love Your Body
  9. Mind Your Money
  10. Time Management
  11. Become Unbusy
  12. How To Stop Yelling
  13. Create Your Self Identity
  14. Dealing With Challenging Relationships
  15. Cultivating Connection In Marriage
  16. How To Dream Bigger
  17. Declutter Your Surroundings
  18. Rewriting Your Past
  19. Year End Reflection
  20. Living From Abundance
The value of Grow You for one year is $16,018.

For you, it's $869.
There Are Two Options
If you know you want to become more mindful, then the Annual Plan is perfect for you. If you want to test it out and see if it's right for you, then the Monthly Plan is a great place to start.
The Monthly Plan

+  Monthly Course On The Topic Of the Month

+  Monthly Workbook
On The Topic Of the Month

+  Weekly Calls On A Variety Of Topics

+  Access To Call Replays

+  24/7 Written Support Forum

+  Members Only Private Podcast

+  Sunday Start Weekly Video

Bonus: 23+ Thought Work Tools

Bonus: 365+ Journal Prompts

Bonus: How To Coach Yourself Course

Bonus: Marriage And Relationship Toolkit Course

Bonus: Processing Feelings Course

Bonus: Change Your Eating Habits Forever Course

Bonus: Money Mindset Course

Bonus: Letting Go Of Busy Course

Bonus: How To Teach Kids About Thoughts And Feelings Course

The Annual Plan
+  Monthly Course On The Topic Of the Month

+  Monthly Workbook On The Topic Of the Month

+  Weekly Calls On A Variety Of Topics

Access To Call Replays

+  24/7 Written Support Forum

+  Members Only Private Podcast

+  Sunday Start Weekly Video

Bonus: 23+ Thought Work Tools

Bonus: 365+ Journal Prompts

Bonus: How To Coach Yourself Course

Bonus: Marriage And Relationship Toolkit Course

Bonus: Processing Feelings Course

Bonus: Change Your Eating Habits Forever Course

Bonus: Money Mindset Course

Bonus: Letting Go Of Busy Course

Bonus: How To Teach Kids About Thoughts And Feelings Course

+  PLUS One month free (save $79)

+  PLUS Currently Reading Book Lists Bonus Course

+  PLUS Participation In Our Referral Program

+ PLUS Access to the Content Archives, which includes 20 Mindfulness Classes + Workbooks (on topics like thought work, emotional wellbeing, scarcity + abundance, love your body, decluttering, self confidence, goal setting, and more)
This Is Perfect For You If...
  • You want a space to come to work on yourself and grow.

  • Life is busy and you feel like you're constantly putting out fires.

  • You experience mom guilt whenever you take time for yourself.

  • You find yourself yelling at your kids more than you'd like to admit.

  • You struggle with how to manage anxiety (for yourself and your kids).

  • You find yourself worrying and exhausted by life.

  • There's a difficult relationship in your life you'd like help navigating.

  • You want to be proud of how you show up in your marriage, as a mom, and in your life.

  • You wish you had space to think about your own goals and dreams.

  • The idea of more calm, joy, connection, and fulfillment sounds incredible to you.

  • You want to live a more inner directed and purpose driven life.

When the world offers so much negative input, Grow You is a source of guided positivity.

You'll think more clearly, feel better, show up in a way you're proud of, and feel more fulfilled in every area of your life.
1. Do I have to be a mom to join Grow You?
Of course not! All women are welcome inside Grow You (sorry guys!).
2. When is the right time to start?
The right time to start practicing your own self care and living a more fulfilled life was six months ago. The second best time is right now.

Your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth are waiting for you. Don't wait any longer for this transformation. You're so worth this investment in yourself!
3. If I sign up now, do I get everything?
You get everything for this month's Topic Of The Month. So if you join in May, you get the May Workshop Class, Workbook, and Coaching Call.

You don't get the prior month's Workshop Class only because I don't want you to get too overwhelmed by content. As you continue to stay in Grow You, you'll access all the months going forward.

You immediately get access to the Bonus Vault (and the on demand courses in there), as well as the 24/7 Coaching Forum and the upcoming Coaching Calls.
4. How long do I have access to the content?
Grow You is like a gym membership. Instead of buying all the gym equipment for thousands of dollars and owning it, you pay for a monthly membership to use it. The same analogy works with Netflix. You get access to all the content as long as you're a member.

I designed Grow You this way to make it more affordable and accessible. Otherwise, paying individually for each item inside Grow You would be thousands of dollars (just like if you bought all the gym equipment for your home). Instead, a monthly membership makes it easy and affordable.
5. How much of a time commitment is Grow You?
Just like the gym, you can go as much or as little as you want.

In Grow You, you'll see results if you dedicate as little as one hour every month to Grow You just by watching the Monthly Workshop Class.

If you want to participate more, you can do that, too, (and spend as much time inside Grow You as your schedule allows!).
6. What are some of the topics taught in the Workshop Class?
Every month there's a new Mindfulness Topic Of The Month where you get a 1) Workshop Class, 2) Workbook, and 3) Coaching Call.

The Topic Of The Month covers topics such as: How To Do The Inner Work, Mindset And Thought Work, Emotional Wellbeing, How To Feel Better, Become More Mindful, Self Compassion And Self Love, How To Enjoy Your Life, Love Your Body, Mind Your Money, Time Management, Become Unbusy, How To Stop Yelling, Create Your Self Identity, Dealing With Challenging Relationships, Cultivating Connection In Marriage, How To Dream Bigger, Declutter Your Surroundings, Rewriting Your Past, Year End Reflection, and Living From Abundance.

Every month has a brand new Topic Of The Month. No topic is ever repeated. This makes Grow You a space where you can continue to grow, month after month by incorporating positive, mindfulness input into your everyday life.
7. Can I buy access to prior month's classes?
Yes! When you join the Annual Pass, you get access to the Workshop Classes and Workbooks from the last 20 months!

This means you can access 20 additional Workshop Classes and Workbooks as soon as you join the Annual Pass.

If you want to dive right in, this is a no-brainer.
8. Why is it $79 per month?
Here's a look at the value of Grow You for one year:

Foundational Inner Work Course
  • Value: $997

A New Monthly Workshop Class + Workbook
  • Value: $1,997

Weekly Coaching Calls + Replays
  • Value: $4,500

24/7 Written Support Forum
  • Value: $2,000

Members Only Private Podcast
  • Value: $497

7+ Bonus On Demand Mindfulness Courses
  • Value: $3,479

Weekly Video Lesson Every Sunday
  • Value: $2,548

TOTAL value for one year = $16,018

For you, it's $869 annually, or only $79 monthly. I made it this price on purpose so it's the best value for the best price and accessible to most moms who already have amazing lives and want to practice mindfulness.

9. How easy is it to cancel?
So easy. I designed Grow You so that you can come and try it out for one month and stay as long as you like.

You can cancel any time with the click of a button inside your Portal (on the Help Page). It couldn't be easier for you to cancel Grow You, and once you do, you're never charged again.
10. I have another question. How can I ask it?
You can reach out to us at

We have AMAZING customer service and someone from the Natalie Bacon Coaching Team will reply within 24 business hours with your answer.
I see you. I'm here for you.
I created Grow You because I wanted a space for women to come and work on themselves.

In school and in Corporate America there are so many ways to develop yourself.

Why can't the same be true for moms?

That's what Grow You is all about.

I'm an Advanced Certified Mindfulness Life Coach. I have extensive training on how to help you do the inner work and grow.

I've done this work in my own life, too. I've gone from a rigid, Type-A, perfectionist lawyer to a grounded, present living mom who actually enjoys her day-to-day life.

I remember what it's like to feel stressed, always in the go-go-go energy, worried, and unfulfilled.

Through this work, I've become someone who actually feels calm and fulfilled.

I know this work can transform your life. You in?
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